About me

I’m a product manager and entrepreneur who thrives on challenge and solving significant problems. I utilize Agile and Lean principles to break down unnecessary systems and get to the root of issues early and often. I use my practical decision- making skills to balance the different and sometimes conflicting needs of business. My educational background is in both engineering and management, and it helps me understand problems from multiple perspectives. My business goals are social goals, because I believe for-profit business is the most effective way to achieve socially positive outcomes.


Mentor Creative Group

Project Manager / Director of Operations and Delivery | Dec, 2014 – Current

My role at Mentor is to manage our projects to delivery and facilitate everything else that keeps the business activities running smoothly. I’ve managed multiple projects with multiple clients in varying technology platforms, implemented tools and systems to help our teams communicate better, helped clients create new business models, designed technical architectures, debugged and updated iOS apps, located office space and built out the office infrastructure, researched and selected health insurance plans, developed a recruiting and interviewing process, purchased computer equipment, etc. I am most proud of taking a human- centered management approach to the way we work with our employees.

General Assembly

Instructor - Agile, Scrum, and Kanban Course and Product Management Bootcamp | Aug, 2015 – Current

I teach others how to improve their project processes. My Agile overview class covers the basics from how to break down large projects into achievable tasks, how to visualize work in a kanban board, all the way up to the mechanics of Kanban, Scrum, and Scrumban. Students leave the class understanding how to design a process for their teams that will give the best chance of success. My Product Management Bootcamp is a full-day introduction for students on how to think about product development, what an MVP is and how to design and test it, and how to analyze their own context to create the best product possible.

You Enjoy My Stickers

Co-Founder | Sep, 2016 – Current

I co-founded You Enjoy My Stickers with the goal of creating sticker packs for iMessage that would delight and excite people. Our aim is to collaborate with our community to produce sticker themes that people are enthusiastic to use with their friends.

The Happy Crate

Founder | May, 2014 – Aug, 2015

I launched The Happy Crate in May 2014 because I saw a significant need to establish entertainment and educational niches in the brand-new legal marijuana market. My solution was The Happy Crate - a monthly subscription box of activities, snacks, and smoking accessories. I ran all aspects of the business including hiring and managing contractors, product sourcing, order fulfillment, website design, customer service, internet marketing, and business development. In the summer of 2015 I decided to move on to new challenges, and I sold The Happy Crate. It is currently being operated by its new owners.

Deloitte Digital

Product and Project Manager | Jul, 2011 – Sep, 2014

As the Scrum Master for a 14 person cross-functional team, I coached in Agile processes and unblocked their way to delivering an iOS mobile point-of-sale application for a large athletics retailer in just 3 months time. After an initial pilot program in two stores, the client’s executive leadership was thrilled with the results, and we began scaling the application for deployment to every store in the United States. As a response, I led the team in a strategic transition from Scrum to Kanban (Scrumban) so that we could remove unnecessary processes and better respond to changing needs from production. When Deloitte became a keynote sponsor of SXSW Interactive in 2014, our studio was asked to “make a mobile app to support the sponsorship.” With that direction, I organized and led multiple creative strategy sessions of a team of volunteers. After deciding on our app experience, I put together back-end, Android, and iOS development and design teams. In under 12 weeks, we built gamified apps that incentivized users’ attendance at events with Deloitte speakers.


Carbon Removal Seattle

Founder | Sep, 2015 – Current

I founded the Carbon Removal Seattle meetup group because I want to work on solving climate change, and I need to find other people who are passionate about fixing the damage humanity has done. The mission of this group is to incubate new businesses, products, and practices that will remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. We want to create a platform for like-minded individuals to share, examine, and build upon innovative ideas and projects that will restore levels of CO2 in the atmosphere to 350ppm. We aim to provide tools and information for people to work on this problem. I also maintain a related blog at carboncmdz.com.

Rate My Meeting iOS App


Rate My Meeting is an app for people who are sick of being stuck in boring and unproductive meetings. I designed and built this app to be used at the end of every meeting. Every meeting participant anonymously gives feedback to the rest of the group how productive they felt the meeting was. The app grabs those votes and displays an average percentage for the group. The rating is meant to be used as a talking point for improving the process going forward, so that next time it’s a bit more productive.


Duke University

Master of Engineering Management - Engineering Management | 2010 – 2011

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science, Engineering - Computer Systems Engineering | 2006 – 2010